Rankings from 2010 to 2014 (out of all 240 engineering schools in France)

1st place for best engineering program in digital sciences (Publication: L’Usine Nouvelle, march 2015)

1st place for best engineering school with an international focus for high-paying careers in IT and finance (Publication: Etudiant Magazine, 2014)

1st place for percentage of alumni hired within 3 months of graduating* (Publication: Le Nouvel Observateur, February 2012)

1st place for best engineering training** (Publication: Capital, February 2011)
1st place out of the 15 best engineering schools in France (Publication: Capital, March 2010

2nd place for guaranteeing the best starting salary (Publication: L’Usine Nouvelle, February 2010)
3rd place for job placement after graduating (Publication: L’Usine Nouvelle, March 2013

7th place for best gross average annual salary before bonuses (Publication: Le Nouvel Observateur, February 2012)

10th place for schools that give rise to the most startups (Publication: IT Industrie & Technologies, May 2012)

Ranked among the top 15 “Grandes Ecoles” in France (Publication: L’Usine Nouvelle, February 2011)


*ranking shared with 29 other engineering schools
**ranking shared with 9 other engineering schools