In Paris, there is a general shortage of student accommodation and it is very difficult for international students to secure a room. However, international students at Efrei Paris can benefit from the housing service provided by the school.



  • Single room in a private residence hall in Paris and the South suburb
  • Family housing not provided
  • Costs approximately €600 to €800.
  • Refundable Residence Deposit : generally amounts to one month of rent. Refunded at the end of the stay after the room check.
  • Non-refundable Residence Registration Fees : Registration fees vary depending on the residence (around 50€). Must be paid to the residence via bank transfer prior to arrival.
  • Refundable Efrei Paris Security Deposit : The €400 Efrei Paris security deposit is to be paid by bank transfer to Efrei Paris (transfer fees to be paid by students). It will be refunded a month prior to departure and once all due payments have been made to the residence. This security deposit will be not refunded if students cancel their request for housing less than a month prior to arrival.
  • Efrei Paris will only propose one room to the student. If the room is refused, Efrei Paris will not be able to offer another option.
  • Date of check-in in the residence is to be confirmed by Efrei Paris. Students arriving before the date confirmed by Efrei Paris are responsible for securing a room in a youth hostel while waiting for their secured accommodation.
  • Efrei Paris will confirm the name and address of the residence a few weeks before the beginning of the program
  • Housing and liability insurances are mandatory.
  • Monthly rents are due at the beginning of each month. Students will have to pay for the entire month even if the room is not occupied for the whole month.

International students applying for housing via Efrei Paris must agree to respect the following rules:

  • Send in their complete application for accommodation via Efrei Paris at least 3 months prior to the arrival.
  • Attach a proof of bank transfer for the €400 refundable Efrei Paris security deposit to the application
  • Pay the non-refundable residence registration fees and the refundable deposit via bank transfer prior to the arrival.
  • Subscribe to housing and personal liability insurances upon arrival
  • Stay in the residences booked via Efrei Paris for at least 3 months
  • Pay the rent monthly
  • Respect the date of arrival confirmed by Efrei Paris
  • Respect the residence rules and keep your environment clean and tidy. Students are expected to keep rooms, as well as collective facilities (kitchen, bathrooms) tidy and clean. The tenants must, upon request, facilitate the access of their room to the residence’s staff. The residences reserve the right to inspect tenants’ rooms on a regular basis. In case the room is not maintained tidy and clean, the residence reserves the right to terminate the tenant’s contract and not refund the residence deposit.
  • Changing Accommodation: Students are allowed to move to another accommodation after the minimum 3-month length of stay. They must give notice to Efrei Paris and to the residence within acknowledged deadlines. Efrei Paris is under no obligation to provide alternative accommodation.
  • Extension of Stay: Due to the shortage of rooms available and the high demand, students wishing to extend their stay in the residence must inform Efrei Paris ahead of time.
  • Notice of Departure: must be given to Efrei Paris and the residence one month before departure. 



In order to secure student accommodation, students must send their application to the International Relations Office at least three months prior to the arrival. Efrei Paris cannot guarantee accommodation when documents and payments are processed less than 3 months prior to the arrival.

The application must be sent by email to the following address:

Efrei Paris must receive the following elements:

  • The signed Housing Agreement
  • The completed Housing Application Form
  • Efrei Paris security deposit of €400: to be paid via bank transfer to EFREI PARIS
  • Proof of security deposit transfer to be sent by email to

Form to download :




All our partner residences have an agreement with the state-funded Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF) which allows foreign students with a residence permit to apply for a monthly accommodation allowance, the Aide Personnalisée Au Logement (APL) or the Allocation De Logement Social (ALS). You can check the CAF website at or verifiy that you can apply here.

  • The amount of the allowance varies according to the amount of rent paid and personal income (it usually ranges from 50€ to 250€).
  • For non-European students, the allowance is granted after the delivery of the residence permit (“titre de séjour”).
  • For non-European exchange students, the allowance is not systematically granted. It is based on the type of visa delivered.



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